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Halo Rider



Halo Rider is a collaboration between Anne Harris and Markus James. The sound is a kaleidoscope of deep grooves, atmospheric instrumental passages, harmonies, and poetic flashes in a musical terrain that ranges from acoustic old-time to amped up Hill Country to electrified trance blues-rock.

​Between them, they make heavily blues-infused music which is edgy, haunting, cinematic, compelling, soulful, and deeply rooted. Whether you’re a radio personality, a talent buyer, a promoter, or “just” a fan of thoughtful, exploratory and evocative music with a memorable presentation, this is an alliance not to be missed.
Richard Shurman, Blues producer and historian

The music is refreshingly new, yet feels very familiar. Anne Harris and Markus James have created one of the most hauntingly beautiful recordings in recent memory.   This is truly music to be savored.
Jesse Finkelstein,  Managing Dir., Blues Radio International

Halo Rider booking inquiries:
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JP Soars' Gypsy Blue Revue featuring Anne Harris

JP Soars: “I first met Anne Harris on the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise while she was touring with the great Otis Taylor. The first time I heard her play it was simply mesmerizing on so many levels. The passion she brings to the stage, the excitement in her playing and the sheer power she exudes forces one to stop in their tracks and pay attention. Since then every time Harris and I wind up on a festival together I always invite her up to play and it’s always an amazing, inspiring experience.”

They're are musician’s musicians, each bringing a unique style and fresh translation of the great Southern soul, blues, and rock music that came before them. Together, their mutual chemistry, high energy and skill sets create a cohesive vision, with echoes of Muscle Shoals and Macon, that organically flows together into an entirely original and dynamic form of Americana, Southern soul roots music with a modern sensibility…

JP Soars’ Gypsy Blue Revue has been touring Festival Stages nation wide and has quickly become one of the most sought after acts in 2023. Their high energy, eclectic performances have been shaking the stages from Florida to Northern Maine to Washington and the Western states.

“Do yourself a favor and get out and see this package. I guarantee you will leave with a smile on your face and a warmth in your heart that’ll last a long time,” says Soars. “It’s an absolute breath of fresh air.”

JP Soars' Gypsy Blue Revue booking inquiries:
Peach Music Group
Harty Wiedemann 
ph. 850-509-1079  

Anne Harris & Dave Herrero

"Anne Harris and Dave Herrero are Chicago-based Blues and American Roots artists that have been collaborating as a powerful duo for over six years. Their sound is culled from deep Chicago Blues and is steeped in Americana, Rock, Soul, Folk and Funk. This unique blend of influences, executed with incredible emotion and top notch musicianship, makes this pairing a truly captivating experience."
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Magnolias (Anne Harris & Marcella Simien)

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