"Anne Harris has played many blues festivals but uses the blues as a starting point. By opening herself up to other realms a more apt description may be a cosmic consciousness that exhibits a spiritual, humanist philosophy."  - No Depression


Anne Harris featured in Living Blues Magazine

January/February 2024

In the Jan/Feb 2024 issue of Living Blues Magazine…

Anne Harris  -  Ancestral Interventions
By Peter M. Hurley

Anne Harris is a force of nature. The Chicago-based artist combines her mastery of the violin, incredible dance moves, and deep musical knowledge into a stage show that fans rave about.   READ MORE


RootNoteMusic Blog Interview (Nov 2023)

Check out Anne's insightful video interview  with Sylvia Marina Martinez for the RootNoteMusic Blog, covering wide ranging topics from her roots in roots music and her love of the violin to AI, electoral politics, empowering storytelling, and representation.



photo by John Huet

Anne Harris featured in Elevar magazine cover story, October 2023 issue. Story by Christine Greyson.

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