"Anne Harris has played many blues festivals but uses the blues as a starting point. By opening herself up to other realms a more apt description may be a cosmic consciousness that exhibits a spiritual, humanist philosophy."  - No Depression


Halo Rider Debut Single Now Available!


So excited to announce Devil and Angel , the debut single from Halo Rider, my project with Markus James! 
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Watch the video and more on Halo Rider on my Projects page.

We're GoFundMe Heroes!

Big News!! I'm so excited to share that Amanda Ewing and I have been selected by GoFundMe to be their 'Heroes.' We are now featured on their GoFundMe Heroes Hub which shares stories of everyday people, doing extraordinary things. We're also the featured guests on their podcast which is linked in our story on that page.

Celebrate Black Music Month with Us

We were honored to be panelists on GoFundMe's Black Joy webinar on June 30, 2022, and share our story. Watch the webinar at the link below.

Check out Anne's essay in No Depression magazine about her historic violin commission !
"Sometimes you do a thing because you are called forth to do it. A calling loud enough to override fear. A summoning so insistent that you are blind to reason, common sense, and convention. It leads you beyond permission and the sanction of what’s reasonable, predictable, and “right.” You are beckoned to kneel at the altar of your passion and give yourself up wholly to that thing, casting yourself inevitably into a wild, uncharted place."  read more...


Thank you for helping us make history!

Earlier this year I had the extreme honor of meeting the surrogate mother of my new violin. Meet Amanda Ewing The Lutherie Lounge. She is the first and only Black woman luthier in the US and we are embarking on a historic journey.

This violin will be the first ever made by a Black woman for a Black woman in the US, possibly the world. Our hope is to inspire other African Americans, women, and other marginalized people who may have never dreamed this possible, and in doing so, expand the story of this instrument to a more inclusive and colorful one. 

Thanks to your generous support I have reached my fundraising goal. For more info...
Visit my GoFundMe page