CD : Wine and Poetry - $15

“She's very talented. The music is original sound and voice.”
- Bruce Hornsby, on "Wine and Poetry"

“Anne Harris' songs frequently sound born of a spiritual awakening.  ... Many of her lyrics read like intensely personal diary entries.  ...  On "Wine and Poetry" songs reference mountains, rivers and deep-rooted trees, the singer viewing the natural world almost as an open-air cathedral.”
- Chicago Tribune

“I spent a good part of the afternoon listening to [Wine and Poetry] and one of the things that struck me is that the music & the lyrics, are just very 'up.' It's positive, it's hopeful.  ...a soulful voice and a unique songwriting style.”
- Chicago Tonight, Phil Ponce

“Anne Harris is the connoisseur of combining 'Wine and Poetry' with exquisite lyrical songs that showcase her talent for beautiful vocal melodies laced with breathtaking lyrics. After a suspenseful, instrumental beginning in the first song “Connected”, Anne’s voice soothes powerfully across the tracks giving the listener a sneak preview of the vineyard of songs forthcoming on the menu of 'Wine and Poetry'. There is not one throwaway track on this release. Each song is memorably attractive and dazzling, I absolutely love this album. The diversity that flows from it makes it nearly impossible to tag it with just one genre category. Think Americana, soul, folk, Celtic, gospel and pop all on a glorious joyride…it’s that damn good! Experience the aroma of 'Wine and Poetry' for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!”

Besides being one of the most cleverly packaged CDs, Anne Harris' Wine and Poetry makes for a delightfully diverse listen. Like a fine wine, the vocalist/songwriter/fiddler gets better with time as she unleashes rock, pop, soul, and the occasional sliver of Americana. Cuts like "Fly" and "Connected" bounce with brisk acoustics, while "Desperate Day" unfolds with orchestrated urgency. Harris further connects with her experimental tendencies on the percussion peppered instrumental finale and remains tasty until the last drop.”
- Illinois Entertainer