CD : Open Your Doors - $10

“...every once in a while a breath of fresh air comes along, and that breath is Anne Harris' 'Open Your Doors.' This is Americana; roots music at its finest!  I can not remember the last CD that I was as impressed with from start to finish. Anne is a voice and writer who we will hear more from in the future. Her vocals are at times sultry, at times pure Americana, and always right on target for the song she is playing. And she can handle a fiddle with great adeptness as well.”  Rating: A+

“Throughout [Open Your Doors] Harris never misses a moment to tell the listener the cup is more than half-full if not brimming over. And it never sounds forced, which only adds to its luster... The album may not be an easy finder, but it's certainly a keeper!”
- PopMatters

“Fiery fiddler Anne Harris is a free spirit… [On Open Your Doors] her soulful voice continues to assert a world of influences, from Celtic to African to American folk/rock. Catch one of her live shows…”
- Chicago magazine

“Anne Harris’ latest release, Open Your Doors, is bright and buoyant. The lyrics are hopeful and celebratory. The instrumentations are infectiously danceable. … A first-class vocalist and performer who just happens to be a soulful fiddle player, Harris has that rare ability to press her charisma into the grooves of the disc so it can pour out of the stereo. If there is any justice, this is the music that will be blaring out of every boom box on the beach this summer.”   Rating: 4 Stars
- Chicago Arts & Entertainment

"[Open Your Doors] is an exciting album, and Anne Harris is an exciting performer...The only way I could improve on this album would be to hear Anne Harris live.”
- The Woodstock Independent

"This second album by Anne Harris is a joyful mixture of rock folk and world beat. Besides her warm and supple voice Anne is a great poet. The lyrics really shine on the semi autobiographical "Vauban" and "Falling of the Page." Anne's emotive voice carries her story songs musically without falling into the trap of half talking that can happen with some artists. We aren't talking "Harper Valley PTA"! The delivery is much more musical with very sophisticated phrasing. The entire album is an uplifting affair. You can't help but laugh at a lyric like "I know Oprah well enough to know she wouldn't lie." The backing band is extremely tight and incredibly talented. Anne's fiddle work is, as always, stellar. This album deserves repeated listenings as the subtle lyric content will continue to surprise. This is in all a great sophomore effort that deserves a HUGE audience. If you ever get a chance to see her perform in person RUN to see her and her band! The live show only improves on an already stellar album."
- Review