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Anne Harris Takes Blues in a New Direction with “Come Hither”

By Barry Kerzner / May 6, 2015 / Read at
For those of us interested in blues that follows a unique path, the search can be daunting. Yes, there’s Americana, rock influenced blues, even blues that raps. All of that is fine, and some of it is revolutionary. What about something that really stretches the boundaries of how blues can be expressed, especially as an element of another genre?

Born in Ohio, now living life to the fullest in Chicago, Anne Harris has released a unique and impressive album, Come Hither, on Rugged Road Records. Containing nine tracks, the album is a 34 minute journey through a sonic landscape teeming with aural pleasure that beckons listeners to explore its secrets.

Come Hither is not something that can be neatly pigeon-holed as folk, new age, Americana, or anything else really. To do so would be false, and would do this music a terrible injustice. For sure, this music folds many forms into its delicious mix, and does so brilliantly.

“Waves,” which features Otis Taylor, is haunting and beat driven, with banjo and violin that adds a hill country feeling; it’s modern and distinctive. “Giddy Up,” featuring Chuck Campbell on pedal steel, is Americana with a pulse! Slide style fills, coupled with smooth, flowing rap make this track a real treat. “Fallen,” which features up and coming rap artist Nikki Lynette, is aurally pleasing with its beautiful atmospherics. “Hold Out for Me” features Billy Branch, who really shines on the harp, adding to the song’s slow and bluesy feel, and beautifully quilted layers of sound. “Sycamore Tree” has echoes of blues, surrounded by soul drenched beats and ambiance.

The mix and sound quality are excellent throughout, and Harris’ circumspect production allows the music to really pop and dazzle. Speaking of Harris, her violin adds spice in all the right places, whether playing a lead line, or a fill. Dave Herrero is a welcome guest, whose guitar adds color and shade to these songs with a perfect touch.

For those looking for something different, take Come Hither for a spin soon.