Vande Maataram from Peace and Earth / Volume Two

"Vande Maataram" is a poem composed by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay in the 1870's. The title translates literally to "I bow to thee, Mother." The song played a vital role in the Indian independence movement and the first two verses were adopted as the "national song" of India in 1937. In this context it is generally interpreted as an homage to the motherland, Mother India. It is with great respect for the cultural significance of this song that we expand the meaning of mother to encompass Mother Earth, the One Mother of us all.

This rendition of Vande Maataram was produced and arranged by Anne Harris for Peace and Earth / Volume Two and features:
Sara Ranganathan - veena and vocals
Anne Harris - violin and vocals
Sofie Reed - dulcimer and vocals
David Herrero - beats and percussion

"Peace and Earth" is a grassroots project initiated by Sofie Reed, consisting of independent artists featuring songs crafted with themes and stories pertaining to the project's name.