Anne Harris partners with Global Pride Summit

Anne is proud to partner with the Global Pride Summit: Perfect As You Are, a free online summit for the LGBTA world.

The Summit features a stellar lineup of speakers, including Greg Louganis, Chaz Bono, Bria & Crissy, Michael Bernard Beckwith and many others. The summit will be held June 1-5, 2015. More info and free registration at

The Global Pride Summit empowers LGBT people to awaken to the truth - that you are perfect as you are. It gives you the tools to transform, the support you need to make positive changes, and a global community of like-minded LGBTA people who are on the same path of personal growth and celebration of who we are.

During this Summit you will be inspired by some of the leading LGBTA thought leaders, teachers, activists, and celebrities of our time.

They will help you:
Grow in self-love and acceptance
Surrender any remnants of old or current beliefs that you are not enough, or flawed because of being LGBT
Ignite courage to stand strong in who you are here to be
Know you are never alone - you belong, and you matter!

This Summit stands on three premises.
1.) The LGBT world is a perfect, necessary part of humanity.
2.) Inherent within all LGBT people is the freedom, personal power, love and acceptance that they are seeking.
3.) We need each other. In coming together we can and will create a greater world for ourselves, each other, and the world.